We are a company with the passion to become the connection of Vietnam to the world. We commit to deliver the best premium items from Vietnam, coming in various range of over 1000 product types, styles, designs and prices.

Our Products:

- Agricultural Products

- Arts, Gifts and Toys

- Bags, Shoes and Accessories

- Food and Beverage

- Furniture

- Handicarft Products

- Home decor and Kitchen accessories

- Manufacturing

- Rubber and Plastic

- Textiles Clothing & Accessories 

Our price and services:

• Guarantee to be your best procurement decisions with top quality and very competitive price to the market.

• Believe the outstanding customer service is essential for us to move forward to success, we offer customers care through pre-sale, sale and post-sale time to ensure our customers having great experience.

• Customer retention is always at the heart of everything we do.

For specific requirement/ order, customers can contact our Customer Support email: ancasavn@gmail.com and we will respond to you shortly.


- The price listed on the Website is final and includes Value Added Tax (VAT). Price is subject to change depending on the time and applicable promotion program. Delivery and/or additional fulfillment fee (if applicable), will be clearly displayed on the checkout page when the order is placed.
- We always try to ensure that all information and prices displayed are accurate for each product, however, there may be occasional errors or omissions due to objective factors. If any price defect is detected, the system will automatically cancel the order, send email and SMS to inform the customer. Then, the refund request will immediately be initiated (if the order has been paid in advance).

Product information
- In case the product received is not as described on the Website, customer can inform the Customer Support as soon as possible after the receipt of order and at the same time, ensures that the product is unused before return. 

Counterfeit, defective goods policy
- Ancasa aims to provide the best quality products and services to customers via the products offered on the Website and we refuse to sell products that violate the law of Vietnam (including but not limited to illegal manufacturing, counterfeits, , unclear origin).
- Ancasa's suppliers are required to comply with the laws related to product quality and origin and shall be held accountable to the customers and the law in case of violation. If Ancasa detects any violations, we will apply sanctions against the Suppier's breach and/or take remedial action for such breach in accordance with Ancasa's discretion.
- In case the customer finds any violations, please inform us immediately by contacting Customer Support .
Security regulations
- The Website has the neccessary security measures and tools to ensure protection of customer's personal and payment information in the most comprehensive manner. All customer information during the payment process is encrypted to ensure maximum protection. All transaction information is to be kept confidential, however, upon receiving written request from authorised law enforcement agency, we will have to provide this information to such agency in accordance with regulations.
- Customer is not allowed use any programs, tools of any type to interfere with the system or alter the data structure. Ancasa prohibits the spreading, propagation, or promotion of any activity that interferes with, sabotages or otherwise infiltrates system data. Any individual or organization who violates will be deprived of all rights and prosecuted if necessary.

Secure payment
All information of customers who make transactions on the Website via credit/ debit/ ATM card are protected by data encryption. Additionally, customer needs take note of the following points when making any online payment:
- Only make payments via websites with card system security certificate.
- Never let others borrow your credit card or account to make payment on the Website; in case of any unintended transaction, please inform Ancasa immediately so that we can assist you in time.
- Check your bank account regularly to make sure all transactions are within your control.

Requirements of a valid return:

- Product must be returned with return label and VAT invoice of Ancasa’s receipt (if any).
- Product must include all accessories (including user manual, warranty card/stamp, product’s packaging) and free gifts (if any).
- Product is still within the return period (7 or 14 calendar days from the delivery date, depending on the applied return policy) – See Return & Refund policy. 
- The returned item must meet the conditions and requirements for return – See Conditions & Requirements for returning an item.
- Products that are in special categories will have their own return conditions – See Return conditions for special categories.

Important notes:
- Ancasa will not accept your return request if the returned item does not meet all of the above requirements.
- In case customer wants to return a product because they change their mind, the product must show no sign of use and the seal (if any) must remain intact. However, Ancasa will not refund any cost incurred when processing and delivering this product (if any).

If customer chooses to have their product returned via drop-off service, the parcel will have to be dropped off at the designated post office within 7 days (excluding Sunday) from the date that customer successfully submitted their online return form. Otherwise, Ancasa has the right to understand that customer no longer wants to return the product, and thus, the system will automatically cancel customer's return request. To re-create the online return form, please contact our Customer Support at lazada.vn/contact/. However, please be mindful that for each item, only a maximum of 2 online return forms can be created.

The return leadtime time will take longer if the return product is:
- Missing of accessories or free gift (not applicable when the listed return reason is “missing parts/items”).
- Missing VAT invoice/ receipt.
- Missing documents that are included when customer receives the product (manual, warranty card, product’s packaging, etc…).
- Damaged due to careless packaging when customer returns the product to Ancasa.
- Having issues that were not initially informed to Lazada via the return Label, email or phone call.

If the listed return reason is damaged product or missing items: customer has to inform Ancasa within 24 hours (from the time the product is delivered), or else, customer’s return request will be rejected. Ancasa may request customer to take a picture of the product’s condition so they can be cross-checked with related parties.

Liquidated products and gifts/ freebies are not eligible for return.

For large home appliances and large indoor furniture, due to the special nature of these categories, we would reject customer’s return request in the following cases:
- Change of mind.
- The product has been installed/assembled or used: in case of being defective, warranty will be applied in accordance with manufacturer’s policies.

For electronics, telecommunication equipment (TV, Laptop, Mobile Phone ....) with “dead pixel” issues. customer will be eligible for return or refund if QC results record 03 (three) "dead spots" or more.

The products are sold and delivered by Merchants will apply the return policy based on seller’s choices. Customers can check the return policy applied on each specific product page.

For any order paid by ATM/credit/debit card, Ancasa will directly refund for the Customer to the account of ATM/credit/debit card.

For any order paid by cash, the Customer can select the refund method via (i) store credit or (ii) bank transfer when filling the Online Return Form on Website. The Customer cannot change the refund method after successfully creating the form.


Transaction process on the Website
- The steps involved in the shopping process of customer on the Website of the customer will take place in the following order:

Option 1: Online payment
Step 1: Customer places the order, provides complete and verified information;
Step 2: Customer makes the payment in advance or deposit 30-50% upon contract term
Step 3: Ancasa receives, verifies - confirms the order and starts shipping;
Step 4: Customer checks and receives the order;

Option 2: Offline payment - Customers visit our show room in District 2 and make payment in store.

Change or cancel transaction on the Website
1. If the cancellation request is made before the order status is changed to "packed and is being handed over to a logistics partner", the customer may (i) Log in to the account on the Website/ select Manage my order and click the CANCEL button and take the necessary steps as directed or (ii) contact Customer Support (in case customer places the order without logging in).
2. If the cancellation request is made after the order status is changed to "packed and is being handed over to a logistics partner", the customer can only cancel the order by refusing to receive the product when it is delivered.

Consequences of provision of incorrect information on the Website
- Customer is responsible for providing accurate and complete information when engaging in any transaction on the Website. In case of provision of incorrect login and/or payment information that lead to the incompletion and/or interuption of the transaction, Ancasa reserves the right to refuse to perform the transaction without being responsible for the order cancellation. - In the event that customer contacts Ancasa or Ancasa to contact the customer to confirm the order for any reason (including but not limited to high value orders, orders have signs of fraudulent) and the customer cannot answer and/or verify the necessary information required by Ancasa, Ancasa has the right to cancel the order in this case.

Dispute Resolution
- Any dispute, complaint or dispute arising out of or in connection with the transaction on the Website shall be settled by negotiation, conciliation or arbitration.